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Arca is a fast, secure

A fast and Secure crypto currency and
multychain DEX.


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These are some of the Services which Support ARCA

To buy Arca, you need to create an account in .After registering, go to the exchange section and buy Arca by clicking this following link . ARC/USDT is available in this exchange.

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Fast Payments

ARCA is a BEP-20 Token on Smart Chain, Transfers are fast and Cheap, Our DEX will Supports the Fastest BlockChains Too.


You can use arca on known Wallets like Trust Wallet, etc. It can also be integrated on Different Services.

Secure Blockchain

Cryptocurrency payments are all Secure and mostly private so is ARCA, you can use it anonymously.

Community Based

Arca is Community Based, it means that everyone can contribute on project and get rewarded.


Blockchain is a peer-to-peer technology so it almost cannot be censored, nobody can steal your assets.

Strong Infrastructure

We always make sure to choose the best things we need for the project, Great Blockchain, Servers, Codes ,etc.

Low cost

Buying or selling ARCA and Trading on ARC DEX are very cheap on fees, You will only pay for The Transaction fees.

Trusted by services

You can find the Future $ARC on best Exchanges, Trackers, Wallets and services. we will make this happen.

Trade or create pools for any Token on Supported Networks

Using our upcoming DEX Platform you can trade your preferred token from Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, KuCoin, Tron, and XDaiChain Blockchain platforms by simply connecting your wallet to our DEX and making transactions occur.

We will do our best to integrate most of the Smart contract capable Blockchains to our DEX Platform so that you can make or trade your tokens on any network you wish.

Secure, Fast, and Private Crypto Exchange

Decentralized Exchanges are fast, easy to use, private, and secure by design, so our DEX Will be. You only pay for the Transaction Fee, and there will be no other concealed fees.

Being Multichain, Allows you to buy or add a token that is not available on Ethereum BlockChain therefore not available on most of the Exchanges.

Token Distribution


You can see the Token Distribution Data in here

Our Token Distribution

Our Project Road Map

Here you can see some of our Progress and Future Plans


Lunch social media site

twitter , Multi language Telegram

15 July 2021


Lunch Token website

18 July 2021

New Office, CA


Centralized Exchange and Service Listings Arca has been added to the Bilaxy Centralized Crypto Exchange. ARCA has been listed on Some Known Tracker Services such as Delta, pancakeswap, Dextools, ...

20 July 2021

New Office, CA


Free Token Airdrop

100,000 USDT paid for arca family

08 September 2021

Exchange LIsting

Listing on


14 September 2021

Listing on

17 September 2021

Listing on LiveCoinWatch

06 October 2021